Now this is a story all about how my life got turned sunny side up!


I gave up trying to be ‘normal’ a long time ago and in that I found freedom.

I gave up trying to ‘figure it out’ and in that I found peace.

I FINALLY gave up trying ‘to fix it’ and in that I found a childlike curiosity and wonder.

Oh yea and I definitely gave up trying to fit in to the definition of being spiritual and in that I set my soul blazing free!

What a relief!

Now I keep it simple. Really simple. Less is more. 
Less worrying and trying to control means more time. 
Less stressing and anxiety means more energy. 
Less wishing to the future means being more present. Less attachment means more flow. And with that the more joy, fun, spontaneity, creativity and love I experience and share.

Chances are if you have found yourself here you are looking for the same. You have a vibrant youthful heart with a timeless soul that longs to live life from this lens. And so you may be saying YES but at the same time asking ok that is great but ‘how’? 

~Barefoot dancing on sunshine every day!

Stephanie M. Mancini
CEO of my Every Days

I let that all go. Yup. All of yesterday’s stories and the ones before that…that I was so attached to. I finally tossed (and still do) them in the garbage and took them to the dump myself. Stories, mis-beliefs, myths and social conditioning. No use waiting for everyone else to catch up first and certainty no use waiting for someone else to come and take out the garbage for me. Because the longer I waited, well, the longer I waited. Things were getting mighty messy in the health, prosperity and abundance world. Then I thought, geez- am I really going to wait with this stinky garbage forever? (I’ve got this thing with smells too- I don’t like them.)

So my life is now a reflection of a commitment to new beginnings. Fresh starts. Starting from wherever I am. In whatever ‘genre’ of life that might be. Because like my music, I like my life to be uninterrupted by my own mind’s commercial breaks telling me what I should be doing, buying, wearing, trying, etc. instead of being good enough as I am!

 For example my default “I don’t know how” has been replaced with “this is exciting, let’s try out a few different ways” or “they don’t take me seriously” to “I love learning to lighten up and not take everything so personal” and a biggie for me “I’m never going to get better” to “there ain’t nothing wrong with me!”. So just like ‘N Sync I said ‘bye bye bye’ and went from sickness to health. From scarcity to abundance. From fear to love. From darkness to light. From hide to shine. And I am always a freshman to my next step.

Like I said, this is ‘the short version’, think <cliff notes> but if you really want to know how the ‘magic’ works then I invite you to read on about working with me in my life coaching practice where we find what makes your sunrise shine!

PS: Here’s some fun facts about me before the tabloids get to them:

-To date I’ve never been in a limousine

-When I was in high school I went to ever single Dave Matthews concert every single summer for four straight years even if that meant he played three shows in a row- which he often did- it was the 90s and that was just the thing to do in Connecticut

– When I was 26 I almost died. There’s no simple explanation for it but the great news is- here I am! And that’s why I live it to give it

-Contrary to popular opinion I do NOT dye my hair. Thank you Mother Nature! In fact, it is on rare occasion you will find a brush able to even comb through the waves

-When I was a kid I wanted to be a dancer AND a bus driver

– I also used to call my neighbor cannoli because a) I could not pronounce Nicole and 2) Because I loved cannolis – I’m Italian duh!