Do you remember a time when you didn’t need to look outside yourself for guidance? When you allowed yourself to be LED by a FEELING state- and TRUSTED in that?

Yea, I did too!

Do you remember a time when you weren’t looking to micro manage every symptom and self diagnose every single little thing?! (aka before google)

Yesssss, I did too!

Do you remember when you used to drive down the street with the windows rolled down singing the latest top 40 hit without fear of being video recorded by an iPhone driving by?!

Yes yes hell yes!!!!

Remember when instead of exhausting all your precious energy and time in fixing, figuring out and trying to make right you were just outside, at play, having the time of your life, just immersed in the joy of being?!!

Can I get an amen!!!

I used to be there too. With a faint remembrance and awareness of what life is really all about. And with a deep desire to return to what was of true importance, value and soulfully nourishing for me.

At one with nature is where we all go to remember that we are all ‘naturals’ at letting go of being in control and in return experiencing the beauty of each moment – moment by moment- by actually being present.

And you know what can happen when we give ourselves the gift of SPACE- of truly stepping back and slowing down?

We see, hear, feel, taste and smell with a refreshed zest for life. Answers we’ve been searching for outside ourselves for years just drop down and in. Creative ideas start flowing. We become aware of serendipitous encounters, ‘coincidences’ and divine signs all paving a more authentically aligned path for us.

Now who doesn’t want to live in flow like a child again?!

I know I wanted to. I wanted to trust in this ‘magic’ again in life. I just didn’t know anyone else living in the modern world like this… until I started stepping into it… and then one by one they started to appear like ants in my apartment after afternoon thundershowers in Florida!

Ahhh yes about that how huh?!

It’s just been a long ingrained training of fear, judgement, comparison and dis-belief in our own capabilities, gifts, talents and maybe above all not trusting and following our INTUITION that has kept us from experiencing our true essence and what may be the highs of all highs ‘a natural high’ by seeing with our own eyes –yes we can!!

That being said, I’m honored and privileged to have been pouring my heart into a passion project over the past year to create ReSEAcess for you to experience life from this way of being again.

Think- a recess from the man made clocks and schedules and a return to a circadian rhythm dictated by the natural world.

This is where we leave behind what we think we should do, who we think we should be and return to a lighthearted state of being and play to shed layers of old beliefs while we shed light on the true you- the LOVE inside longing to spring to life- as opposed to falling back to old ways of settling.

If this ‘magical’ seaside gathering set on island time with private villas sounds like your kind of inner reSEArch trip and a ReSEACess from a lifestyle that is not supporting your highest potential then heart up…

We are inviting people into personal conversations with us to talk with us about joining the group. This is not your typical retreat, it is specially tailored to support and powerfully serve each individual on the journey. We are therefore limiting maximum attendance to 10-12 participants maximum.

If you are ready to grow, glow and go please email us at to schedule a complimentary call to discuss enrollment.

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